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Art Studio: Time for Creativity, Choice & Passion

During lunch recess elementary students flock to the art room for studio time to work independently or collaboratively on self-chosen art projects. Each month there is a new theme, with new materials to explore for students who want a bit of guidance or direction. This month, October, the theme of course is Halloween and the medium is collage. Children select materials from a supply table and an open set of cubbies, with a tempting variety of papers, stamps, and stencils. They may spend some time getting inspiration from the books and magazines in the art room library, or may come with ideas from home which they want to try out. Some students prefer to work on improving their drawing skills, while others love coloring pages while they relax and chat with friends. A current craze is Origami, and that center is always full of children helping each other create new origami pieces. Young artists also often want to work on art projects begun in class, so for 30 minutes each lunch hour, the room buzzes with up to 25 students voluntarily and happily spending their free time being creative, self-directed artists.