Teaching Art Around the World

Having recently completed a pretty intense but rewarding on-line Printmaking Studio course through the Art of Education, (www.theartofed.com) I was broached by my tutor, Tim Bogatz, who invited me to contribute to a series they were compiling for their online magazine on teaching art around the world. I happily agreed, and spent quite a while during the hectic last month of the school year writing essays in answer to the questions he sent me. These pertained to my job, my school, life in Ethiopia as well as about me and my background. I included a large selection of photos to illustrate my essays, and waiting in anticipation for the article to be published. The first episode came out one Monday in early July, and was from an art teacher in Norway. The article was fascinating and very well written and illustrated; making me even more excited about seeing the episode I was involved with. The episodes were being released each Monday through July. I happened to be on a week-long Alaskan cruise in mid-July, where our internet connectivity was extremely limited, so consequently I actually missed the publication date of my story! I discovered it almost by accident a week or so later, by which time another episode or two had been published. I was impressed with the quality of the entire series, and fascinated to read each story. The on-line magazine format enabled the inclusion of a great variety of photographs which really brought each story to life. Here’s a link to the article on Ethiopia, and to the series including India, Norway, Thailand, South Korea and Germany.

Teaching Art Around the World: Ethiopia