Art Tutor Inspires Creativity

Sick one day at home recently, I was browsing around the internet looking for inspiration for my art classes, and I found it in spades. I stumbled across the site Art Tutor ā€“ an online art school based in the UK. It offers a multitude of classes and courses in all painting and drawing media and for all levels, from newcomers to intermediate and advanced artists. The range of photos on display in their gallery was inspiring, and the few free tips and short classes they offered was exciting. I signed up to receive their on-line magazine, and within a few days was offered a week-long free trial of their myriad courses and classes. This coincided with a 4-day weekend we had, so I dived into the free trial and spent the weekend working through courses on watercolor painting techniques with the talented guidance of tutor Bob Davies. The classes are divided into short video segments, so are manageable even to fit into a busy schedule. All you need are the basic supplies and a computer or tablet with an internet connection, plus the desire to work through the classes and not just watch the videos! Although I am not a beginner, I decided to look at these classes first from the perspective of the art teacher that I am. I picked up all sorts of useful tips, tricks and techniques to pass onto my students. I believe that being a student oneself is a terrific way to learn new skills and teach them to others. Needless to say, before the free trial was over I had signed up as a full member for a year. There are different membership categories, though the annual one is the best value. I am excited to be able to access all their materials throughout the year, and to work on developing my painting skills in new media at my own pace. Now Iā€™m working on my Christmas gift list ā€“ of new art supplies!